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The “Import 3D SketchUp” option provides you with the capability to directly import a 3D model from a SketchUp file (SKP) into Vabi Elements. When you choose this option, a screen will appear allowing you to select a file. Once the desired model for import is chosen, it will be directly imported.

The SketchUp Import Wizard is designed to simplify the process of importing a 3D drawing and converting it into the 3D geometry that Vabi Elements uses for its calculations. SKP versions 2013, 2014, and 2015 can be imported. Starting from version 3.2, it’s possible to perform an import while retaining the existing geometry in the project.

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Supporting file format

  • Supported file format: The SKP file should be in version 2013, 2014, or 2015.

Size of the file

  • Be mindful of a limit of around 2000 spaces and/or 2000 windows.
  • The exact limit depends on hardware, software configuration, and IFC import settings. If you frequently approach this limit, consider contacting Vabi Software for guidance on improving your computer’s performance.


Groups: An SKP file must contain Groups. Each space has adjacent building components that should be grouped per space. You can achieve this by selecting the building components of a space and grouping them using the “Make Group” function.

Note: Windows and doors cannot be imported from SketchUp into Vabi Elements.

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