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For each project, a client and a consultant can be defined. The contact information of these two individuals can then be included in the output.

The client/consultant information in a project is stored in the project file. Once filled out, this information can be exchanged between multiple projects using an XML file (*.xop / *.xad).


You can import the name, address, and residence details (NAW-gegevens) from an XML file. For consultants, this can be a *.xad file, and for clients, a *.xop file.


You can export the name, address, and residence details (NAW-gegevens) to an XML file. A new file will be created with the file extension *.xad or *.xop. You can then import these into another project.

A *.xad file, intended for a consultant, cannot be imported into the client’s section, and vice versa, because they use different sets of data.

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