Under the Help menu, you will find the following options:

  • Content: Go directly to the Elements support site.
  • Check version number: See which application and version of the application you are currently using. Here you also have the option to check if a newer version of Elements is available.
  • Send remark: Send a comment or question to the Elements helpdesk.
  • Send project: Send the project you are currently working on to the Elements helpdesk. Remember to save your project first, as the last saved version of the project will be sent.
  • Download TeamViewer: Download TeamViewer. With TeamViewer, the support desk can view your screen.
  • Keep me informed: Subscribe to the Vabi Elements, Uniform Environment, Vabi Assets, and/or Vabi EPA newsletters.
  • Release notes: View the “What’s New” page of Elements.
  • Software agreement: Display the opening image of Elements.

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