Reverbration has settings to make reverbration calculations.


Absorption requirements

Specify the requirement against which the absorption must be tested. You will see this reflected in the results.

Reverbation time requirement

Indicate against which requirement the absorption should be tested. You will see this reflected in the results.

Room properties

Choose the temperature and humidity.

Hard objects

Indicate when there are hard objects in the room and specify their volume.

Interior finish

Indicate whether the interior finish should be specified as simple or detailed. If detailed is chosen, then on the building components properties screen, each building component can be linked to a Construction Finish template. The simple choice according to this template allows absorption to be specified for each type of building component:

  • Ceiling
  • Walls
  • Windows and doors
  • Floor

Interior finish

Material andType

Choose the material for the interior finish and the type of material when predefined material is selected.

Absorption coefficients

If you have chosen a predefined material, these values are automatically filled in. If you have chosen a custom material, then enter the absorption coefficients per frequency.

Extra absorption

Add additional absorption when applicable. You can also use predefined or custom materials, and enter the surface area of this additional absorption.

The reverb template is linked to the room under room properties.

The construction finishing template is linked to the building part under building part properties.

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