In this menu, unregulated energy uses can be entered. These include external lighting, lifts, escalators, and kitchen and catering. This input is included in the energy consumption calculation for the Building Simulation Energy & Costs module.

External lighting

If there is external lighting in this project, it can be indicated here. External lighting includes all lighting that cannot be calculated with IPW lighting, such as outdoor lighting.


If there are elevators present, you can indicate that here.

The guideline VDI 4707 is established to measure the energy consumption of elevators. The calculation can result in an energy label. Below, choose the energy label that corresponds to the elevator.

The VDI 4707 guideline defines different usage categories. An elevator that is often idle falls into a different usage category than one that operates frequently.

Application category 1 2 3 4 5
Usage Intensity Very low, very rare Low, rarely Medium, occasionally High, regularly Very high, frequently
Average travel time in hours per day 0,2 (≤0,3) 0,5 (≤ 1) 1,5 (> 1 -2 ) 3 (> 2 – 4,5) 6 (> 4,5)
Average standby time in hours per day 23,8 23,5 22,5 21 18
Common types of buildings and their uses Residential building with up to 6 apartments;

Small office or administrative building with minimal workload;

Apartment block with up to 20 units;

Small office building with 2 to 5 floors;

Small hotels;

Goods elevators, low usage;

Apartment block with up to 50 units;

Medium-sized office building with up to 10 floors;

Medium-sized hotels;

Goods elevators, average usage;

Apartment block with more than 50 units;

Large office building with more than 10 floors;

Large hotel;

Small to medium-sized hospital;

Goods elevators in a production process with single shifts;

Office building taller than 100 meters;

Large hospital;

Goods elevator in a production process with multiple shifts;



  • Gebouwsimulatie

If there are escalators present, you can select this option. Then, specify the total number of escalators and the annual consumption per escalator.

Kitchen and Catering

If catering is used in the building, select this option.

Building Type

Each building type has default values for meals, gas consumption, electricity consumption, and tap water usage according to CIBSE TM54 Evaluating Operational Energy Performance of Buildings at the Design Stage 2013. When a building type is selected, these values are automatically populated. You can also choose to enter the values manually.

If a preset building type is selected, some building types offer the option to choose between standard or economical use.

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