In an empty geometry you will always start by importing a CAD file, or by drawing one or more rooms. The drawing tools needed to draw a room can be found in the nested sub-screen ‘Drawing’ in the top left of the drawing screen.

Vabi Elements will not define a room as a new building if you draw it separate from the other rooms. A new building should be created and managed manually.

Drawing a polygon

Drawing a rectangle

Rectangular room

The rectangle allows you to draw a room with a square or rectangular floor map.

Polygonal room

The polygonal room function allows you to draw rooms that are not square or  rectangular. Below a step-by-step explanation is provided on how to use this function.

Room Properties

After the last step of drawing the Polygonal room or Rectangular room the screen shown below appears. In this screen you may specify the height of the room. Additionally you can assign a number and a name to the room. You can also enter a room number and name space, which will save effort as this will not be required in Step 3: Linking anymore. Within the room properties you can assign templates to the rooms also, provided these have been defined before.

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