System requirements


Item Minimum Recommended High performance
Windows version Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows 10
Storage type HDD SSD SSD
Processor Intel core i3
(dual core)
Intel core i5
(quad core or hoger)
Intel core i7
RAM memory 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Graphics card Default onboard graphics card of the processor Default onboard graphics card of the processor 2GB or 4GB GPU
Software .NET framework version 4.7.2

Visual C++ 2015 runtimes

.NET framework version 4.7.2

Visual C++ 2015 runtimes

.NET framework version latest 4.7.2

Visual C++ 2015 runtimes

  DirectX 10 or later (recommended) or OpenGL 3.0 DirectX 12 DirectX 12

Vabi Elements on Mac

Vabi Elements is only available for the Windows operating system. Do you for example have an Apple Mac, then you can use Vabi Elements through a virtual Windows environment such as: VMWare, Parallels Desktop or similar. There are, however, a number of details to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that all the required Windows components are available and install them beforehand, e.g. C++ x64 redistributable packages.
  • Make sure the virtual environment has enough RAM, CPU and GPU, and is not limited by the system settings.
  • For Parallels; Make sure that it has access to the whole system through: System preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy → Full disk access → Add Parallels by clicking the + sign. Hereafter, install the Parallels tools.
  • If you have problems with the Geometry in Parallels, e.g. black surfaces or no display at all, make sure the following bootflag is added to the Virtual Machine configuration: video.gl3 = 0. Go to Configuration → Hardware → Boot order and click on the Advanced settings. Add the bootflag here in the white box.
  • For other problems with Parallels you can contact Parallels Support or you can visit the Parallels Forum.

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