Clean installation


Download the setup file and open the downloaded setup.


Select your language and click OK. This language setting is intended for the setup and does not affect the language selection in the Vabi Elements program itself.


Click next.


Carefully read the license agreement and accept the terms.


Choose the installation folder where you want to install Vabi Elements and click Install. By default, it will be installed in %programfiles%\Vabi\Elements\.


Optionally, give the installation a different name, which can be found in the Windows software list. Click Next.


Click Install. The program will now be installed.


You can now choose to start Vabi Elements directly. Afterward, you can close the setup by clicking Finish.


To use the Vabi Elements calculation modules, the software must first be activated. Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to activate Vabi Elements. An internet connection is required for activation.


Start the Vabi Elements program.


Go to Tools and click on Software activation.


Enter your license details:

  • The customer number is a six-digit code from your company (enter without “CN,” possibly with an extra 0 at the end).
  • The email address should be your personal email address registered with Vabi, to which your license is linked. (Read more about user management here.)
  • The password is the password obtained from Vabi Software. These details are the same as your login credentials for the Customer Portal of Vabi Software (, where you can also download your Uniform Environment (UO) and EPA licenses.

Select the modules you want to activate.

If you want to activate everything, you can also leave everything unchecked.

Click on Activate / update.


A message will appear stating that the modules have been successfully activated.



Activation failed?

If you receive an error message during activation, something went wrong with the activation process. Here are the possible error messages and their solutions:

1. Unable to perform online activation. Check your network settings.

This means that Vabi Elements cannot connect to our license server. Here’s what you should do:

Check if you have a working internet connection by visiting a website like If the website loads correctly, the issue may be due to a firewall, proxy settings, or restricted internet access rights. Contact your system administrator to resolve this.

Information for the system administrator: Ensure that HTTP port 80 is open for two IP addresses used by Vabi Elements (elements.exe).

2. Customer data entered incorrectly. Check customer number, email address, and password.

You’ll see this message if the customer details were entered incorrectly. Verify the following:

  • Customer number: Enter a six-digit code without the letters “KN.” If your customer number is only five digits, add a 0 at the end.
  • Email address and password: Ensure they are correct by logging into
  • Forgot your password? Request a new password.
3. You do not have access to EPG and/or Building Simulation.

Contact the technical contact person within your company to gain access.

This means your email address does not have the rights to use EPG and/or Gebouwsimulatie. Only the technical contact person for Vabi within your company can change this on under User Management. For more information, see Vabi User Management.

This means that Vabi Elements is activated on the maximum number of workstations allowed for your company. To activate Vabi Elements on an additional workstation, you need to uninstall and deactivate Vabi Elements on other computers, or increase the number of workstations. Additional workstations can be ordered through the Vabi Webshop.

Once a module is activated, it can only be deactivated by uninstalling the software from your computer.

Deactivate license

Deactivate a license yourself by uninstalling Vabi Elements. This way, Vabi Elements can be used on another computer.

Don’t know who your technical contact person is? Or do you want to add more than 5 users? Are there licenses activated on a computer that you cannot access as the technical contact person?

Contact our service desk for assistance.

Manage users as a technical contact person

The Vabi Customer Portal is a platform where you can download the latest version of Vabi Elements among other things. You can also manage your users there.

Please note: only the technical contact person can manage users. When managing users, it’s possible to create additional users. This allows multiple people in the company to log in with their own details to activate Elements. If you don’t know who the technical contact person is, Vabi can look this up for you; please contact the service desk at 015 – 21 33 501 or

With the ‘New user’ button, you can add users, and with the cross icon, you can delete users. Once deleted, users will no longer have access to the customer portal, cannot download licenses, and cannot perform new activations in Elements. Please note that deleting a user does not deactivate a workstation. Deactivation can only be done by uninstalling the software using ‘unins000.exe’ and confirming deactivation.


Depending on the licenses you have, you can specify the capabilities for each user:

  1. Users with access licenses can log into the customer portal to download EPA and UO licenses.
  2. Users with Access Building Simulation or Access EPG access have the ability to activate the respective module in Elements.

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