Domestic Hot Water

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In the Domestic Hot Water menu, you can specify the amount of tap water used in this project. Based on the number of people and the days they are present, the water quantity can be calculated. The energy consumption of this tap water can be calculated by entering the efficiency and energy source of the heater. Additionally, you can indicate whether there is heat recovery.

Domestic Water Demand

Number of persons:

Specify the number of people present in the building.


This option allows you to choose between a total number of persons or a number of persons per square meter of floor area of the building. Enter the number in the section above.

Building Type:

By selecting a building type, the amount of hot water demand per person per day is determined. You can also choose to enter a custom value.

– Office: 8 liters/person/day
– School: 6 liters/person/day
– Restaurant: 7 liters/person/day
– Hotel: 137 liters/person/day
– Shop: 10 liters/person/day
– User defined

For the calculated energy consumption for hot tap water, it is assumed that the hot water demand is heated from 10 to 65 °C.

Warm Water Demand:

The hot water demand is determined based on the chosen building type. If you have selected a custom value, you can enter it in this field.

Building in Use:

In this field, enter how many days of the year the building is in use. Consider, for example, the absence of people on weekends or holidays.

Domestic Hot Water Generation


Under Setup, you can choose whether a single generator or multiple generators are used for heating tap water. If multiple generators are chosen, additional fields will appear to specify the different generators.

– Single generator
– Multiple generators

Annual Demand Heating

The proportion between two energy generators is determined as a percentage. This field allows you to enter the percentage value of the main generator. The percentage of the additional generator is automatically calculated.

Mean Efficiency

Enter the average efficiency of the generator here.

Fuel type

Specify the fuel type. You can choose whether tap water is heated using gas, electricity, external heat, oil, or biomass.

Domestic Hot Water distribution

If there is a circulation system for the tap water, you can indicate it here. You can then specify the length of the circulation system and whether insulation is present.


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